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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gosh! I'm gonna face a new challenge next wednesday onwards. Out of Suntec and welcome to High St! Can i make it?
YES! I can and I will! Please tell myself to think positively. I will learn something new.. yeah! But deep inside my heart, i'm feeling scared. Scared of working with big bosses. *deep breathe*

psst! am updating my wedding guest list.. *winkx*

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Almost a month and yet i ran out of idea on what to tell you people.
Lots and lots of stuff i missed out.
Well... wait till my brains get its screws fixed then i might have many ideas.
Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

As of Sunday, 21st Feb '10....

I'm left with 3 more days to my last day of service with FEO!


I'm so excited to leave.. haha... weird uh?!

And i'm so anxious to start the 1st chapter of my new career! :)

Today, is Sunday, will be meeting my F&N(s) at East Coast at 3pm for picnic!

Will do some healthy activities that will sweats us out!

I really miss those crazy bitches of mine! Hearts them lots!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I know... I know...

I neglected you again and again and again....

Hectic and tons of work loads before my last day...

And oh! i forgot to tell you that i've tendered! Yipppeee!! After much consideration, i finally made up my fickle minded mind. :) Of coz lah, with the support from my parents, fiance, cuzzinz and friends... I love you guys! Thanks for the support and motivations! Muackzie! So, my last day with FEO will be this 28th Feb '10. But after off-setting my PH and some other claims, i will be leaving a week earlier i guess.

I still can remember how my boss and other cliques expressions when i tendered on 1st Feb '10... Some dun believe what they heard. My boss tot it was an invitation card to my wedding. Her eyes were red and i knw she wanted to cry... See! Nvr take gd care of me rite! Now you lose me! Bluek! I bet you! No one's gonna give and take all the task that i've been handling alone so far... And no one can handle it PERFECTLY! hmph! *insert muke aksen* I'm not boasting myself but this is the fact! I closed one eye. No! In fact i closed both eyes and did all the task given to me even though i know it is not part of my job scope. In the end, what did i get?? :)

The rest of my cliques will have to suffer when i leave. Poor them. They are so so nice to me since i joined. I felt so sorry for them to let them suffer. After all, it's not their fault though. Some in-house guest got to knew this news too. I dunno whose itchy backside mouth who told them that i'm leaving. I was questioned by them. Why? What happened? I'm glad that they cares about me. It touches me when they said, they gonna miss me and my smile. They hugged me and told me to take care and not to forget them. awww... how sweet. I didnt know that they cares about me so much. :'( So nice of them.

Another reason why i'm leaving this company is because of the working hours. I wanna turn my steering to office hours with Sat & Sun off. I've been neglecting my family, fiance and friends since i worked rotating shifts. I really have got no perfect time with these people i loved most. I was always left out when there's a family gathering or weddings. My friends had to cater special attention to me when they wanna organize some meet ups and had to postpone whenever i cant make it. It's a total unfair to them... I felt bad sometimes but i am glad that they do understand.
God answered my prayers and i got this job. With good pay and position. And i promised i will work hard and put in effort as much as how i did in FEO.
I'm hard working u knw! * kening naik2* :)

Well, wish me luck ya ppl! I will start my new job on 1st March '10.... Am praying here hoping that everything's gonna be fine with new environment, new people and new job scope.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

23rd January 2010

Family Day @ Bishan Fire Station

Fiance keeps on pestering me to come along with him on his Family Day. I was somehow reluctant to go cause i don't really know his friends. Furthermore, all guys. Paiseh lah... But since, he accompanied me to my colleague's birthday party that day, i chose to return a favour for him. I tagged along.
That was the second time i entered BFS premises. The 1st time was 2yrs ago when i was forced by his fire-fighters to buy a birthday cake on his birthday... :)

The event was held in the hall. Well, we missed some performance cause we were like 2hrs late.. hehe... I was feeling so so awkward. Before we reached there, Fiance was already given a warning not to leave me alone or else i won't follow him to his station anymore. haha... And yes, he was so obedient.. hahahkz *winkx* (sayang kamu)
Though i was feeling a lil awkward, i tried my best to smile to the girlfriends/wifey(s) of his fire-fighters. Nanti org ckp aku ni sombong lah pulak... Fiance tucked his stomach with some foods served there and i had only fruits...And oh, i met Ayu, Mek's wifey. She was already 4mths pregnant! And i was the last one to know i guess...Was so terkejot cum excited... Congrats sweetie.

While munching, we were sabo-ed by one of his
encik to go up on stage to play a game call Mummy Wrap. Oh-so-Paiseh!!! Need to wrap each partner using toilet rolls in 1min. Sunggoh tak class langsong pakai toilet roll! hmph! takpe at least we came up 2nd and received a hamper basket... :)
Next was a performance by Fiance's rota. The Wonder boys! It was a laugh bursting one! Hot pants + black panty hose + sexy thighs + shacky bon bon + muscular body = OMG! Best one! Thumbs up for their bravery...
The day ended up with the grand lucky draw. Everyone was so curious, excited and anxious. 1st prize was a 32inch LCD TV. 2nd was iPod touch!!! geram aku!! a malay kerek pompan got tat prize & den muke die aksen! *jeling from east to west*
When the emcee announced the lucky no. picked for the 1st prize one by one, everyone was like..."ohhh...", "aaarrhhh!", "yes ar.. yes ar.."
Too bad, lucky prize won by lucky china man.... hehe... semua geram jek... Fiance got the 6th prize which is a crystal glass..not bad..
Last but not least, i managed to take pictures sitting on the fire-engine and fire-bike! yeah! yeah! maybe next time, i should come for their open house to try out all their appliances... ;D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

19th January 2010

Asset Selection Day

Fiance and i went to HDB to select our unit for our upcoming Fernvale Palms. I am so over excited with it. I simply cant wait for that area to be fenced up and bull-dozers to come and swiped away the forested area! I will definitely count on the days and will ride pass that area once a week just to get the view of it. :) *kiasu mah..*

Option fees of $2K paid... minus this n that, here n there, we've got $2ooK++ to settle monthly, i guess so. No worries, with our stable incomes, insya'allah, we will be able to settle it.
I can somehow see the future, my dearest Fiance. So glad that we can planned this far. Thanks you darling.
Now, both of us are building castles in the air, day-dreaming on how we want to renovate our flats later on. hehe... blum dpt kunci dah mcm paham... Well, we're excited lah kan!

Our selection is done! Zura's will be this Monday... yippee! I hope they will get the unit of their choice. *praying* No worries darla, there are plenty of units to choose from ok! Update me ok baybeh! *winkx*

End of 19th Jan 10 entry


18th January 2010

Nerve-cracking moments.

Went for the interview thingy... Was so damn nervous.
This was my first interview after 3 solid years of working with current employer. Was stressed about the dress code, what to answer if they ask me questions...

Well, everything went smoothly. The interview took only 35mins. Questions answered promptly and nicely. :)
If this is where my rice bowl is, with God's will, i will soon tender and start a brand new career. Insya'allah.. amin...

The same day, I had lunch with 2 darlas... At 2 different time n location... And 2 different meals! *gemoks*
Met ZuraDarla at Chevron Hse. Went to banquet, ta pau and had lunch in her office. Poor Zura had to have lunch in the office due to short of manpower. No worries, at least, i get to see how her wrkplace looks like. Was so cosy with the Black n Red fixtures n fittings. Relax lagik... :D But too bad, we totally forgot to snap some pixies while lunching!
*kau lah zura! bkn nk ingtkan aku!*

Btw, i had Fried Fish Soup Bee Hoon and zura had Mee Siam for lunch..
*Fried fish SHOESS -tat's how zura pronounced dgn confidentnyer!* hahaha

After that, rushed to PS to meet VeeyaDarla for 2nd round. Member nanti merajok plak kalau tak go lunch ngn die... Siang2 dah kene warning,
"Must go lunch with me! I dun Care! Hmph!" haha.. cute pe!

Pizza hut for 2nd lunch. Chit chatting and camwhoring... :) My dear Veeya, so kesian, kebuloran. She was already with her 2nd pizza when i was still with my 1st slice. takpe..mak faham nyah... hehe...

End of 18th Jan 10 entry...